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THE NEWS PK » Nimbuzz Bots » Badbuzz Mobile Server V5

Badbuzz Mobile Server V5

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1 Badbuzz Mobile Server V5 on Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:54 am



User Commands
m/ID => Member ID

k/id => Kick ID

b/ID => Ban ID

v/ID => Visitor ID

unb/ID => UnBanned ID

unv/ID => UnVisitor ID

mod/ID => Moderator ID

admin/ID => Set Admin

n/ID => None ID

pm/Text Send PM

am/on => Auto Member Active

am/off => Auto Member Deavtive

msg/on => ƒilтєя Message Active

msg/off => ƒilтєя Message Deactive

id/on => ƒilтєя ID Active

id/off => ƒilтєя Message Deactive

wlc/on => Welcome Message ON

wlc/off => Welcome Message OFF

pv/on => PV Message ON

pv/off => PV Message OFF

ans1/on => Your Auto Answer ON

ans1/off => Your Auto Answer OFF

addans/Part1/Part2 => Add Your Auto Answer,Split{/}

**Don't Use(# , /)in Your Auto Answer

delans/Part1/Part2 => Delete Auto Answer

ans2/on => Default Auto Answer ON

ans2/off => Auto Answer OFF

show/ans => Show Your Auto Answer List

c/m => Number Of Members

c/b => Number Of Bans

len/Number => PM Lenght

bip/id => Ban IP

cp/Mode => (b=Ban, k=Kick, v=Visitor, n=None)

clear/ban => Remove Ban List

addwlc/Text(Room(%r)) => ADD Welcome Message

delwlc/Wel Text => Delete Welcome Text

pvmsg/Text PV Message Change

addmsg/Text Add Message(Split'/' any Msg)

delmsg/Text Delete Message

show/wlc => Welcome List

show/msg => ƒilтєя Message List

show/id => ƒilтєя ID List

clear/msg => Clear ƒilтєя Message List

addid/id => Add ƒilтєя ID(Split'/' any ID)

delid/id Delete ƒilтєя ID

clear/id => ƒilтєя ID Clear

rem/id => Add Remoter

delr/id => Remove Remoter

show/rem => Remoter List

love/on => LOVE Bot Active

love/off => LOVE Bot Deactive

love#ID1/ID2 => Amount LOVE

res/on => ƒilтєя Resource Active

res/off => ƒilтєя Resource Deactive

addres/Res => Add Resource(Split'/' any Res)

delres/Res => Delete Resource

show/res => Show Res List

clear/res => Clear Res List

modir/on => Moderator Role Active

modir/off => Moderator Role Deactive

addmod/ID => Add Moderator ID

delmod/ID => Delete Moderator ID

show/mod => Show Moderator List

owner/ID => Set Owner

pvm/on => PV Member ON

pvm/off => PV Member OFF

pvmmsg/Question/Answer => Change PV Quiz Member

**For PV Member Type mem

sub/Text => Set Room Topic

a/ID => Get Avatar

mem/me => For Addlist Member

roll/on => Roll Game Active

roll/off => Roll Game Deactive

roll => Roll Game(Room User)

quiz/on => Quiz Active

quiz/off => Quiz Deactive

quiz/(fa or en) => Change Lang

qi/ID/Score => Set Score

q/m1 => Set Quiz Method 1

q/m2 => Set Quiz Method 2

qt/Seconds => Quiz Time

q?/ID => Score ID

quiz/res => Reset Quiz

scr => Score ID(Room User)

joke/on => Joke Bot Active

joke/off => Joke Bot Deactive

jt/Seconds => Joke Time

info => Bot States

bb/on => BanBot Active

bb/off => BanBot Deactive

ab/on => Auto Ban Active

ab/off => Auto Ban Deactive

akp/Text => Change & Active Anti Kick PM

ak/off => Anti Kick OFF

rejoin/- => Rejoin

fal/on => Fal Active

fal/off => Fal Deactive

2p/on => 2Part Active

2p/off => 2Part Deactive

invite => Send Invite to Addlist

inv/on => Send Invite Online Active

inv/off => Send Invite Online Deactive

p/ID => Get Profile

r/Room => Search Room

spb/on - off Spy Bot

fal => Get Fal(All User)

2ppm/Remote => Change 2Part Request Remote

add/on => Add Auto Accept Active

add/off Auto Accept Deactive

left/room => Left Room

list/owner => Owner List

list/admin => Admin List

**Lists Update Each 2 min.

save/- => Save All Setting

load/- => Load All Setting

reset/- => Reset All Setting(Just Master)

baraye Join Room:

join/ID/Password/Room/Room Password




join#ID#Password#Room#Room Password

baraye sakhtan Room:

cr/ID/Password/Room Name

baraye Online kardan MobileServer:


ersal PM be admin:

pm/PM Text

daryaft remote idhaye join shode be room:

help/1 ta help/17

Remote soft:

rem/id => Add Remoter

delr/id => Delete Remoter

show/rem => Show Remoter

show/pm => Show Proffer

max/Number => Maximum Join Bot(upto 1000)

maxc/Number => Maximum Child Bot(upto 1000)

lmj/Number => Limit User Join Bot

lmc/Number => Limit User Child Bot

show/lim => Show Limits

j/on => Join Bots Active

j/off => Join Bots Deactive

ch/on => Child Bots Active

ch/off => Child Bots Deactive

blk/ID => Add ID To Block List

ublk/ID => Remove ID From Block List

reset/join => Join Bots Reset to 0

reset/child => Child Bots Reset to 0

s2a/Text => Send s2a to Bot Addlist

online => Online Mode

away => Away Mode

dnd => Busy Mode

chat => Chat Mode

st/Text => Change Status

ast/on => Auoto Status Active

ast/off => Auto Status Deactive

tst/Number => Auto Status Time(Seconds)

txt/Status => Add Auto Status

wlc/Text => Welcome PM Change

hlp/Text => Help PM Change

full/Text => Full PM Change

ans/ID/Msg => Send PM to Server Addlist

add/on => Add Auto Accept Active

add/off => Add Auto Accept Deactive

add/c => Count of Addlist

save/on => Save History Active

save/off => Save History Deactive

his/on => Send History Join Active

his/off => Send Histor Join Deactive

win/on => Auto Windows Startup Active

win/off => Auto Windows Startup Deactive

q/on => Send PM to Admin Active

q/off => Send PM to Admin Deactive

rec/- => Reconnect

off => Offline ID

restart => Restat Application and Login Again

help/admin => Remoter Help

Exit => Exit Application


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