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August 2019

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THE NEWS PK » Vps » Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts)

Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts)

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1Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) Empty Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) on Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:10 pm


Assalam o Alaikum
Today im sharing u How to Hack Many many Windows VPS.

All u need 2 Softwares called DuBrute and Vnc_scanner to hack VPS.

Download Links :
1-Vnc_scanner : VNC-scanner GUI v1.2.rar
2-Dubrute : Click Here
How to Use ?
1) Download both the files from the above link.

2) Extract both the files anywhere in ur pc.

3) Open Vnc_scanner folder

4) Open the exe file called vnc_scanner_gui.exe
Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) 3URl3
5) Select any Country.

6) Click on Get Dial List

After the all ip list Came then :

7) Click on Start Scan
Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) Y1uGy
After that it will scan for VPS working ips.
Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) CBbGq
After Scan finished click on Start parser.It will save good ips in new text file called IPs.txt.

Now u need to get the usernames and Passwords for Scanned ips.For that u have to use one of the hacking software called Dubrute.

1) Open Dubrute folder

2) Copy the IPs.txt file from vnc_scanner folder and paste in Dubrute folder

3) Open the DUBrute.exe
Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) G1sHn
4) Click on Generation

5) Check the image below.
Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) KpTZH
1st click on File ip then select the text file called IPs.txt and Open

2nd Select File Login then Open and then File Pass and Open.

3rd ,Click on Make and Press Ok.

Then Click on Exit

Now press Start in ur Dubrute.

Let it brute the combinations.When a working VPS which match IP , Username and Pass , it would be saved in Dubrute folder File called goog.txtLike this :

Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) KUanS
In this Image shows that I found 3 VPS which is working.

Note : Both the files has Virus.Ur anti-virus detect as Trojan etc.So when u download ,if ur anti-virus active then it will delete ur files.If u want to use then u have to turn off ur anti virus.Or u can hack vps with a VPS like me.I downloaded THese files on a VPS and hacked it ;P.These soft i used tohack VPS from last 1-2 weeks.I hacked around 100 working VPS.

This is a Detailed Tutorial about How to hack VPS ?.Should u have more doubt on this , feel free to reply here to help u.

PS: Am posting at Garena section to let every members see and learn how to do it.I hope No1 against this.If neccessary , ill Move the thread

Thanks and Good Luck to all for hack many many VPS.

How to use VPS

Go to Start > Run > Type mstsc and press OK

Then put ur VPS ip and Connect.Then Type ur ID and pass then OK

Thats it.U are into the Virtual Private Server

How to Change Pass of VPS?

Press Ctrl + Alt + End u will see the option for Change pass.

Note : U could change pass if only u have the permission from the Administrator.

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2Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) Empty Re: Very Easy Hack Vps (with Screen Shorts) on Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:26 pm

Very Happy

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