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THE NEWS PK » Rules of Forum » Rules of My Forums

Rules of My Forums

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1Rules of My Forums Empty Rules of My Forums on Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:09 pm


1. Do not flame other users.
2. Do not flame staff.
3. Do not spam
4. Use of online translators when you don't speak English is allowed, but not encouraged.
5. Do not create multiple accounts.
6. Do not offer services in exchange for points and/or reputation
7. Do not beg or ask for donations or money.
8. Do not use quotes when not necessary
9. Do not ask excessively or unpolitely for points or reputation, this includes both posts and the shoutbox aswell as PMs.
10. It is not allowed to copy-paste large parts of text for e.g. a tutorial or just a thread.
11. Do not abuse the thread rating system (we log ratings).
12. Do not post hateful/racist/harassment oriented sites or content, sites promoting illegal activities or content or pornographic sites or content.
13. It is not allowed to use the report post button to report post that are legal or to communicate with staff.
14. Signatures must be under 125px tall at a 1024x768 resolution and can't contain excessive animation.
15. Do not ask people by PM to have a look at your thread.
16. Do not impolitely ask people in the shoutbox to have a look at your thread.
17. links, referral links or similar services are not allowed in your signature, biography or any other form.
18. Anything related to pirated software, warez or illegal (bruteforce programs/scripts/applications, mail bombers/spam scripts and so on) things is not allowed and will result in a 80% warning for 30 days and 10% percent permanent. (So 90% until 30 days and, then, it will drop to 10% until manual removal.)
20. If you post a sub-standard review, your thread will be deleted and you will be given a 10% warning for a week. What is a sub-standard review?
22. Please, do not bump old threads with off topic, short or low quality posts.

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